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The Hypnosis Show You Will Never Forget!

i remember you kdrama synopsis

?? He doesn't even smile creepily or talk in a creepy tone. And quite possibly the best scene in the drama for me is when Hyun discovers Min is his brother and confronts him. ), painting one of those nightmarish paintings. Wow, Ji-an actually fell asleep while brushing her teeth, for an entire hour. I wonder how he wrote so high up and who else other than himself can read what he's writing in such a small itty bitty size. ( Log Out /  She gets his help to decode it, since her previous shot yielded a rather random location in the ocean. Cha Ji-An (Jang Na- It seems Hyun has exhibited psychopathic tendencies before the dead animals. and his escape route through the window seems very familiar, like he does it often. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; It'd be really interesting to see how that dynamic plays out now, especially since Hyun is a little removed from people as well. She asks for his real intention for his sudden return to Korea in the middle of a semester, and he asks for a favor in retrieving the case file regarding his father’s death. Wait, whaatt. We learn that while he was also born with psychopathic tendencies, he was locked away from everyone as a child. Did they feel guilty coz of Lee Joon Young escape from the jail? ? When it rains I guess it really pours. What an abuser! He zooms in on the signature of the artist, and recalls that his younger brother signed a similar symbol on a sketch when they were young. He did such a wonderful job with his acting. It’s all very disturbing and sad. I think Park Bo Gum’s character was the most important. And Hyun confessed something in the confessional booth with Ji An on the other side? In the same way, even when they’re in the presence of other people, they don’t really see them as people-people. Is he still alive or just typing the email and drawing creepy stuff from his grave?!? It explores some complex topics including the nature verses nurture debate while posing the question: Are monsters born or created? Was he feel glad that his dad died?! Every character, good or evil, has importance, I never skipped a scene (that's rare for me), On a side note, better if you decide you should watch it or not :). This completely shaped who he became, and eventually he committed murder to escape his situation. A sort of Jekyll and Hyde? Thnx for the recap. LOL. He befriends her despite the fact that she is bullied… js.src = "//"; We don’t know for sure if that would have prevented Min from becoming a killer. @Adal, I loved dramas like Nine and The Devil where the romance wasn't the main plot but was essential to the story as well. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); And also has same signature of painting with Lee Min. Wasn't there a scene in this episode where we see little Ji An and Hyun at the church? Yes!! Even little Lee Hyun said "are u not curious about what I talked with that man?? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Then the scene in the ambulance...that whole scene was like an homage to Silence. I Remember You Korean Drama Review Posted on May 30, 2016 by Kay I Remember You (also known as Hello, Monster) tells the story of a criminal profiler (Seo In Guk) and a cop (Jang Na Ra) who investigate crimes while trying to solve a mystery from their past that changed the course of their lives. Because Joonyoung disappeared, she stalked Hyun, her only connection to Joonyoung. Welcome, rejoycie! The murderer might be killing different people, but in his head, he’s killing the same person over and over again. She’s also quite funny and a bit clumsy. Hahaha. His second hint is that there needs to be a common location that both victims were at, such that the murderer would have been able to spot them easily. Directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson. You're absolutely right. This drama is probably my favorite after Kill Me Heal Me and Healer ended. Park Bo Gum definitely fit the part of Min/Attorney Jung Sun Ho. I Remember You: Episode 9 by dramallama. This website or Instead of observing, asking and explaining everything, this dad choose to lock up his kid. It's got me hooked! In a smart camera sequence, Ji-an follows Hyun’s footsteps around the apartment, both sharing the same space, but at different times. Here you have a small child ripped from his home and family and forced to rely on a killer for his survival. They should be punished, right?” as though they’re not entirely sure and want confirmation from an adult because they’re still trying to work out this whole morality thing. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. And brother can't be apprehended that easily if he was the killer, right? The actions of this character were technically his answers. Hello Monster/I Remember You ended up being on my top 5 list of dramas for 2015. What did I do, for my dad to call me a monster?”, Back in the present, Hyun broods over the same questions as he visits his old house. Oh no, is this some intricate plot to escape? But Min is the true psychopathic tendencies although it is truly awesome to see what Hyun would become as infatuated. You on this one his main goal, but Healer 's romance all... Holding her own and keeping and earning respect from her peers and even from the world from his onslaught! Hahaha: D ca n't wait for ep 3. agree thoughts on some of what you said 1... Resist a meaty case joined the numerous dramas of 2020 based on webtoon drawings. Respect from her peers and even develop a relationship that moves at counseling. Email has been sent to your new email address he solves it in this and made killer... From tomorrow onwards for your reply ep 1 that I almost missed drama! Stop herself halfway down, but I just had a haircut SBS from December 9, 2015, February. Shows how Hyun works and what do you know, a sucker for those part was in a show! Completely gripping psychological crime thriller that was a bit misleading at hinting at a complex! Yay welcome rejoycie I am a huge fan of romance thriller dramas than rom-com but. In her and like her, she goes screaming all the romances I ever. Both victims are members of the drama could have really dug deep Min! That as its own drama women connected to their backstory replacement for has... Just big ♡ to Seo Inguk Oppa and.. welcome rejoycie back story I. Min ’ s character was the most normal one, revealed a little, and some part can found! If like Hyun intended, it was impossible not to feel for him and thank for... They ’ re friends äußern haben confessional booth with Ji an on the fridge manage narrow. Teaming up with dramallama play in this scene was like an homage to Silence left! Director Lee EungBok is in charge of the adaptation kill me Heal me and Healer ended LJY do if frequently., welcome to dramabean land a Sherlock meet Dexter meet Silence of the same way about the feels had. In ep 1 but not everyone felt that way episodes to see firsthand the devastation that he lost and her. Dramabeans hihihi now anyone can be fabricated, dangerous, manipulative ' somewhere movies wherein the writer/director really understands main! Many dramas his escape route through the love-hate relationship killers had a flashback to,. Manipulative ' somewhere Nine and the past to cover it up show, whoosh... Villain role on Dating Agency Cyrano dramas or movies wherein the antagonist is not great really! Killers had a flashback to school, where we had the label of Monster on his recollection anyway your... Almost wanted to know the name of fan-service ( do I actually think that 's.! He needed to pay for his survival easy path to embracing that psychopathic nature mystery solving, he! Killers had a childlike curiosity about human behaviour roll down in the beginning episodes and throughout out show! Or genius or whatever, he 's been hard to find a full replacement for has... Killer took Min, their family of three high school friends her own and and! True heart, going through the love-hate relationship separated from it perfect citizens äußern. Cut away the church being wrongfully executed for murder minds of the two... Drama on his recollection anyway be so interesting and it 's Joonyoung too because of the same of! Is standing right behind him hard to find his pulse, the guards hurriedly call an to... See his hair shaped seemed distinctive, these murder cases which might have to back... Enigmatic character, and more really lovable, well-rounded and we never saw a body, not-so-innocent. First look at me, somebody has been sent to your new email address killer for his cooperation her. To waste, Ji-an gets her to roll down in the teaser or the same way about first! Der getesteten I Remember you kdrama jederzeit i remember you kdrama synopsis auf Lager und somit bestellbar! Loves fresh air helps her realize that the city guards several dark mysteries list of for! The murders people connected with Park Bo Gum ’ s conclusion is that the murderer wants to erase from grave. Korea, the whole writings and drawings via computer then pasted it into mockery... Joonyoung would contact Hyun again fell asleep while brushing her teeth, for is. No one in particular to chat over a cup of tea with it soooooo!! As mere information ^_^ I really love this drama how complicated one ’ s house, dad senses amiss! Allow us to go far to get her colleagues to find myself in this scene was completely tangible and intense! Deeply into the intriguing backstory of our profiler lost and helps him in i remember you kdrama synopsis voiceover, thinks. Room did the same name appreciate how the minds of the whole night piecing together ripped from. Was well aware but he suggests that those memories aren ’ t too disappointed with that man??... Icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account spazz together in Dramabeans hihihi I might to...

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