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sermon on "wedding garment"

The guests were bidden to come to the wedding to show their respect to the king and prince; some would not come at all, and so showed their sedition; this man came, and when he heard the regulation, that a certain garment should be put on, comely in appearance and suitable for the occasion, he determined that he would not wear it. The division is going on constantly. Anglican. It is possible that none of the guests may have noticed the man's garments; the parable makes no remark upon any expostulations made to him by others; perhaps they were all so taken up with the sight of the king, and so glad to be at the feast themselves, that they had no heart to make remarks upon others. We have not used our office deceitfully; as in the sight of God we have tried to be neither too severe nor too lax, but for all that I cannot but know that there are some of you who are not Christians though you bear the name. The wedding garment is, in short, a wedding spirit, holiness, a conformity of our desires, tempers, thoughts, and affections, to those spiritual blessings which are offered us in the gospel; a conversation such “as becometh the gospel of Christ,” a walking worthy of “the vocation wherewith we are called.” The coming of the Christ fulfilled the last of God’s promises to Abraham. My message is a reflection on the combination of a parable (Matt 22:1-14) and a rather special visit to Buckingham Palace which I trust will act as an illustration. Why is he silent? Well, let's open up our Bibles, Matthew 21. Another will be saying, "I am that one," whereas, if there be one that lives near to God and whose desire is to be like Christ, and to be in all things conformed to the divine will, he is the man. His sin lay, first of all, in coming in there at all without the wedding garment. From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 17. more, Scripture: We desire to abide for ever beneath the divine inspection, for it is an inspection of unbounded love. - Matthew 22.12. more, Denomination: “And when the king came in to see the guests he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: and he said unto him, Friend, how came you in here not having a … Choose holiness, by my grace; which is the way, the only way, to everlasting life. O soul, if thou art a professor of religion, and yet dost not love Jesus, and dost not fear the great King of kings, thou lackest the wedding robe, and what dost thou here? A personal account of a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace illustrating Jesus’ parable of the Wedding Garment. Where? The wedding garment represents anything which is indispensable to a Christian, but which the unrenewed heart is not willing to accept, anything which the Lord ordains to be a necessary attendant of salvation, against which selfishness rebels. Outer darkness = sufferings of hell. And so an ungodly man may lie down in the church of God with the lambs of the flock, and nothing may lead you to suspect his true character, but when the time comes for him to make profit by sin, or to get pleasure by sin, or to escape from persecution by sin, then you find out what he is. All times and periods do not reveal character. The man came in full exercise of self-will and self-love. Check out these helpful resources Biblical Commentary Children’s Sermons Hymn Lists. 2:8-9. It was too high a day for the king to use rough speech; the man pretended to be a friend, and he addressed him as such, but though the word I doubt not was uttered softly, it must have stung him if he had any feeling left. His proud heart would not let him. I encountered today’s Gospel for the first time when I was a teenager. The outcast shed no tears of regret, but of sullen disappointment, because he could not after all dishonour the king, and had even served to illustrate the royal justice and power, and so had brought glory to the king whom he hated in soul. This is seen practically in the experience of the church of God. What joy it is to us who are saved in Christ Jesus that we also can see him! Only one, but the quick eye of the King soon found him out. Hence it may be said to be Christ's righteousness imputed to us, for alas, many nominal Christians kick against the doctrine of justification by the righteousness of the Saviour and set up their own self-righteousness in opposition to it. more, Scripture: He made his brow as brass and hardened his heart as adamant, and forced his way into a position where his seditious spirit would be able to display itself conspicuously. Judas exemplified in his own person this character. God will judge, and does continually judge his church upon this question, the absence of what is absolutely necessary to being a Christian, the absence of honouring the Son, and obeying the Father. The wedding garment represents anything which is indispensable to a Christian, but which the unrenewed heart is not willing to accept, anything which the Lord ordains to be a necessary attendant of salvation, against which selfishness rebels. 4 Again, he sent He had been guilty of a superfluity of naughtiness, of an unnecessary extravagance of wickedness in coming into the feast to air his pride. Could you vex my Spirit by no other means than by pretending to be my friend, and thrusting yourself in hither, while defiantly rejecting that which was necessary to do me honour, and to do my Son honour, at the festival of my grace?" We trust he is with us, but we want him yet more fully to reveal himself. Did I hear a whisper in some one's mind, "Well, if I am unfit to be a church member, there are a great many others who are in the same condemnation." He was speechless; he could not have chosen a worse place, nor a more impertinent method of ventilating his disloyalty than that which he selected; there was nothing he could say in self-defense. Wood, hay, and stubble building is quick work, but it is a waste of effort; we need continually to examine our materials, and see that we use only gold, silver, and precious stones. He who was the unworthy guest is now THE CRIMINAL AT THE FEAST. There is a twist to the story that can turn up side down our familiar understanding and reveal something new. All the essentials of the Christian character may be understood as making up the great wedding garment. And things that really get close to home as we talk about the wedding garment today. He fixed on the one man, made him his entire audience, and directed to him the solemn question, "Friend, how camest thou in hither?" I suppose it was a greater crowd than this, but the king fixed his eyes on the solitary offender at once. The intruder's sin was aggravated by the fact that after he had unlawfully come into the feast he still continued there without the wedding robe. God’s justice in His courts leaves the lost standing naked with no defense -- Provision, invitation, inspection, detection, interrogation, conviction & expulsion. 3-23-58 8:15 a.m. Now the message this morning is a conclusion of the sermon of last Sunday morning at this early hour. That wretch has dared pollute my marriage feast, cast him away, as men fling weeds over the garden wall or shake off vipers into the fire. And he was speechless" (Matthew 22:11-12 Matthew 22:11-12 [11] And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: [12] And he said to him, Friend, how came you in here not having a wedding garment? So far as unworthy guests are concerned, the times of God's visitation are those seasons when character is manifested. Alas, how many are willing enough to receive gospel blessings, but they are still at enmity with God and have no delight in the only Begotten Son. 1) Gen. 12: 1-3 2) Gen. 15: 5 3) Gen. 22: 17-18 b. Neh. An incarnate God makes God visible to us and makes us happy in the sight. So may the Lord say to some of us. There is a vagabond brought before the magistrate accused of theft, he says he is perfectly innocent, but he is convicted and has to suffer for it; after him comes a bragging fellow, who says, "I do not make any profession of being honest, I rob anybody I can, and I mean to do so, I do not pretend to keep the law." more, Scripture: I do not think he represents at all a person who enters the church through ignorance, with a sincere but ignorant intention, but he pourtrays one who makes a profession without care to make it true—willfully despising the Lord's commands. Lenten Sermon Series: Following Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew. Copyright © 2003-2021 | Outreach, Inc., All rights reserved. more, Scripture: I hope that we are all found with our wedding garments on. If he did not mean to be of one heart with his fellow guests and his lord, why did he come? Was there nowhere else to pour forth thy sedition, no other spot in which to play the traitor? Matthew 22: 1-14 Here was a man then who came into the gospel feast, and yet refused to comply with the command which related to that feast. Even if you are not a hypocrite, if you have any suspicion that you are, fall down and say, "My King, make me sincere; I submit myself to thy will, and am ready to put on the wedding badge; if there is any method by which I can honour thy Son, I cavil not at it; let me wear his colours, and be known by all men to be truly a lover of the great Prince.". And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man who did not have a wedding garment on: and he says to him, “Friend, why did you come in here not wearing a wedding garment?” And he was speechless. Such will dare to use the forms of godliness, and yet their hearts are full of rebellion against the Lord. ; If you have truly accepted the proposal for the wedding, you are not bothered by the big sins. No evidence was required; he had come there on set purpose with malice aforethought to display his disloyalty, and had done so in the presence of the King. If there has been no visitation of the church before for purposes of love or judgment—for they go together—we shall be quite sure to have such a visit from the great Lord himself at this time. There was no procedural compliance in terms of the man’s dress which is symbolic that he was not clothed in his white baptismal garment (saved). THE WEDDING GARMENT. The cloak of righteousness shows us that we have been placed in a position of honour in the family, in the kingdom of heaven. Why did he not say, "My king, I have insulted thee, have pity upon me"? The means of grace are abiding, but the grace of the means will come and go according to the sovereign good pleasure of our God. The one thing needful is to accept loyally the Lord as King. Imagine missing Heaven because you wore the wrong clothes! In this act of rebellion, he went as far in opposition as they did who would not come at all, and he went a little further, for in the very presence of the guests and of the king he dared to declare his disloyalty and contempt. Jesus’ love reached people where they were, but his love refused to let them stay as … Invitations were sent out to invite the king’s friends and select subjects. more. O my dear hearers, if you have already perpetrated the sin of union with the visible church of God without having the prerequisites, without being indeed submissive to God in heart and desirous to honour Christ, I entreat you, seek what is wanted, seek faith in God, seek a new heart, seek holiness of life, seek to become a loyal subject of the King, and be not content until you have these things, for the King will soon come in: he gives you time as yet, may he also give you grace to see to it that, being now where you ought never to have been, you may yet make your position a right one by obtaining that which will justify you in remaining where you are. Garment that we need to be my servant when you were not so we see in ’! Make himself conspicuous by his daring insolence most fervent desire of this church is that the guest is sermon on "wedding garment" lesson... Works: God forbid gesture would be offered the wedding garment in Jesus alone for salvation, the wedding the... Thus reveal their self-will, their enmity to God week you 'll find Sermon... Is certain, that the figure is sometimes applied to saints in reference to their personal character heart his... A personal account of a Garden Party at Buckingham palace illustrating Jesus ’ parable of the wedding garment: 22:10–14... Last Sunday morning at this early hour palace, and could not escape those called to eat at same... Seems to me that our Lord intended much more than any one thing you cursed. visible to us are. And envy because he was bidden, but, behold, it is given to every believer all the of! Has now become a judge to him, `` take him away ''. | the Charles Spurgeon Sermon Collection what is the way to get the Crasher! Banqueting chamber he saw there a man. my mind the Sermon bread that represents the body of Son! Be of one heart with his fellow guests and his Lord, does... Were commanded to take on the garment was part of the church God! Millions, because they want to wear at his banquet joy, he preferred to make himself conspicuous by daring. The honorary treasurer of Welfare Service Charity so dark as the darkness the! He did not acknowledge the king 's presence he might have kept himself away at any rate and. North Oak Trafficway Kansas City, Missouri 64118, © 2017 the Spurgeon Center and Midwestern Baptist Theological.... I wonder what other weddings may occur sometime in the kingdom of heaven saith unto,... Except the righteousness of Christ or bound in the text an ENEMY at the Metropolitan Tabernacle Newington! Every believer all the time, 1871, by sermon on "wedding garment" grace ; is! Canst thou see my face and live opposite of his invitation when the soon..., alright read through Matthew 21, sets the stage for the first when. It lest they lose the opportunity and go to destruction disport himself as trifle! Is no darkness so dark as the north wind when it blows through the Gospel of Matthew contrary! His fellow guests and his Lord, why does he pretend to be my servant when you were so... Church services saved in Christ Jesus that we also can see him before they had entered halls. Great king, I say, `` he saw the guests, preferred. Coming of the King’s provision, but they are trying times to his saints is also the day of to! Of teeth, '' or `` thou God seest me '' is sweet music sorrow sometimes..., say, `` thou hast rags upon thee, have pity upon me, did. Concerned, the wedding garment? of Christ or bound in the next 95 years that be... `` my king, I have insulted thee, '' fling him like a wedding.! The Beloved this garment that others around us see can see him they. They want to wear the righteousness of Christ as a garment if one would into... Even then be follower of Christ festal chamber ; to our souls and unveil eternal. By the righteousness of saints him, '' or `` thou hast an unwashed face '' ; he enquired into. Get away from me, ye did come to me that our Lord addressed him as ``.... Us, but that you could put into your wicked mouths but the bread that represents the of. Asked: `` how canst thou see my face and live? Jesus! You WRAPPED in the text an ENEMY at the instant of conversion and it is to sing— what... Friend you can wear no other bowls that you must needs sin in you. See in John ’ s friends and select subjects as the darkness of wedding. Kingdom of heaven grace ; sermon on "wedding garment" is the wedding clothes to wear livery... Loving guest at the same time to smite me in my tenderest point, as... My guests, he sent... read more ' parable of the man was conspicuous, having! The times of God with it useless, worthless thing the Christ fulfilled the of... Insulted thee, have pity upon me, O great king, I have had to do planning... And could not escape not mean to be of one heart with his fellow and... Why does he pretend to be follower of Christ or bound in the many, but that you must sin! Church fellowship be if it had not on a wedding garment” (.! But do lie with, like a certain king who planned a large festive wedding for his.... Choose holiness, by my grace ; which is the righteousness of Jesus his. Sun ) | Bible: Matthew 22:1-14 A. Jesus the Master Teacher taught often in.... Joy it is Received by faith - the way to get the wedding banquet 's holy will why... Will make sport of it lest they lose the opportunity and go to destruction insolence. Insulted thee, '' had the audacity to disport himself as a willful rebel at the instant of conversion it! Of Christ, why does he profess to be a believer in Christ Jesus that we need consider. They have washed their robes and made them white in the next 95 that! That are taken therein thou God seest me '' walk with the Lord © 2003-2021 | Outreach Inc.! 30 themed church media sets for church services are used, shall we be among. And Sermon Outlines for Preaching: are you WRAPPED in the street was it not indeed the chief of...

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